Shatrughan Sinha attacks Nitish Kumar-“the Crocodile Tears are back”


Senior BJP leader and a critique of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah takes on Bihar CM Nitish Kumar in a new twitter attack. He tweeted,”With the General Elections knocking at our doors, the Crocodile Tears are back…and the “drama” starts unfolding once again. The ‘ruling coalition’ in Bihar (NDA), is demanding special status for Bihar, yet again…that too from their own Central NDA Govt…and publicly.!?…”

In another tweet he said,”Isn’t it just propaganda for votes? Stooping down to rock bottom level out of an insatiable greed & desire to stay in power! Sadly, Performance has given way to only Propaganda! Endeavour for Growth & Development has been replaced by Trifling,Truancy, Sluggishness & Lip-Service.”

He attacked NDA coalition partners as well,”My dear friends of NDA Coalition! Start performing & executing for the state of Bihar or else…there are “Arjuns waiting to take over”…as Tejashwi Yadav’s @yadavtejashwi challenge echoes in all corners of Bihar…Jai Bihar! Jai Hind!”


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