Republic Day Parade: Rahul Gandhi given seat in 4th row, Congress says,’attempt to humiliate the president’


New Delhi: Congress accused BJP of humiliating its president by giving a seat in 4th row for the Republic Day parade at India Gate. Sources say that the Congress is angry over this issue and feels it is an attempt to humiliate Rahul Gandhi.

It is important to note that Former Congress president Sonia Gandhi was always seated in the fromt row in the last three years and also during Vajpayee regime. Congress has also accused BJP and government of attempting to thwart a meeting between Benjamin Netanyahu when the Israeli Prime Minister was here on a state visit just a week ago. Rahul, Congress alleged, was not allowed any time to meet him as usually is done as a protocol when foreign leaders visit New Delhi.

Anand sharma said “govt fixes these meetings. Obviously BJP didn’t want him to meet Rahul.” The government though has dismissed all talk of witch hunting. According to the sources in government say that the sitting arrangement
may have been altered as with 10 ASEAN heads of leaders in attendance are to be accorded priority and there is no attempt to belittle Rahul Gandhi.

Congress says the leader of the opposition is always allotted a seat in the front row for the parade. During UPA regime, LK Advani was always allotted a seat in the front row when he was leader of the opposition, Congress said.


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