PM has mini slogan factory: P. Chidambaram


Today Congress attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his remarks during Karnataka Assembly Election campaign. Senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram mocked Prime Minister Modi over his various slogans in one-go. He said,”PM has mini slogan creating factory in his office. I don’t think anybody takes him seriously when he descends to level of a ‘pracharak’. I don’t want my PM to speak as if he was 4th level BJP speaker, unfortunately most of his speeches are that of party ‘pracharak’.

While in Bengaluru Congress President takes on Modi’s style of targeting opposition leaders personally. He said,”You should’ve seen Congress. We oppose PM, we speak against him but we respect PM’s post. He thinks if he speaks against Congress, against Siddaramaiah, his party will be benefited. But this shows PM’s post in a bad light, he’ll never understand this.”

In Chikkamagaluru, Modi continued his tirade against Congress in his style,”Throughout the day, a Congress leader thinks only about one thing – how to be the Prime Minister? If this isn’t arrogance, then what is?”