‘Narendra Modi Government can go in War on Kashmir and Terrorism issues’: Mayawati


Azamgarh: 28th Aug 2016

Times Headline New Desk

BSP supreme Mayawati has attacked both BJP and ruling party of UP Samajwadi party. She while criticizing P.M Narendra Modi’s speech of Red Fort, said that it was only Politics and nothing more.

”The BJP can’t handle the Law and order  of New Delhi, How it will control state like Uttar paradesh? BJP is only the Government of Business Class”, she said.

”There are discussions that The Government even can go in War on the issues of Kashmir and Terrorism and for that Tiranga Yatra was started by BJP”.

Addressing her core issue of Dalits, She said the Dalits and Muslims are suffering due to atrocities committed against them by communal forces and castiest people.

”The promises of Good days have converted into Bad days.”

‘The SP government in UP is total failure and every section is suffering due to bad law and order,’ she said.