Kerala Guv hasn’t read lines that criticized Modi government and the RSS


Thiruvananthapuram: On Monday, Governor P. Sadashivam’s address in the Kerala assembly has come under controversy. The Governor did not read the line in which Modi government and the RSS was criticized. After which the ruling party and the Congress accused the governor of being pro BJP. The BJP came in support of the governor.

On Monday, the Governor was addressing a joint session of the Kerala Legislative Assembly. During this, he counted the achievements of the Government of Kerala, saying, “Some communal forces have launched a one-month long campaign
against Kerala in all India on a fake basis. The United Nations has declared that Kerala is the only Indian state in the country where the Human Development Index is highest.

Sadashivam further said, “The achievements of our social sector were questioned, the law and order situation was disdained. Despite this, the people of Kerala stood together to protect our traditions and achievements. Despite attempts by some communal forces, there was no communal riots in the state. “After the speech, copies of the Governor’s nearly 89-minute speech, were distributed.

When these copies reached the legislators, they were surprised to see that the governor did not read the three lines which criticized the Modi government and the RSS. On this, he came on the target of the ruling party and the Congress. BJP defended him by saying that he has used his discretionary powers. It is known that P Sadasivam the judge of the Supreme Court.