Hashimpura massacre: ‘Your Facebook revolution won’t work’

Hashimpura massacre is a black chapter in Indian history and many of us feel very bad when we think about it. But on the death anniversary of Hashimpura massacre, many a social media users have shared and posted various things about it. While people have shown their sadness on social media, nothing has been done on ground. It is a harsh reality that nowadays people do not want to do anything which can disturb their life.

It is really disturbing to think that while we chant slogans of justice at social media, we fail to show our solidarity in actual way. Frankly speaking, it has become more of popularity seeking phenomenon. It is not difficult to understand this as people regularly count how many likes they got and how many are sharing their posts.

They don’t really want to help the victims, they even don’t know who is the lawyer and how everything is going on. But they never fail to cash the moment.