Data Theft War: Rahul taunts Modi,’ I am India’s Prime Minister,.. I give all your data to my friends in American companies.’

Congress and BJP are in a mood of data theft war. In a fresh attack on BJP, Congress President Rahul Gandhi tweeted,” Hi! My name is Narendra Modi. I am India’s Prime Minister. When you sign up for my official App, I give all your data to my friends in American companies.
Ps. Thanks mainstream media, you’re doing a great job of burying this critical story, as always.”

Gandhi’s tweet was referring to a claim by French researcher Elliot Alderson, who alleged that information of those who have downloaded the app was being provided to third party US company Clever Tap without the users’ consent.

Hitting back at Gandhi, Union Minister KJ Alphons said, “I filled up to 10 pages for a US visa form. We have absolutely no problem giving our fingerprints and being naked before the white man at all. When your own government asks for your name and address, there is a massive revolution saying it’s intrusion of privacy.”