‘Has BJP taken Hinduism on lease’, asks CM Siddaramaiah


NEW DELHI. Karnataka’s Congress chief minister (CM) Siddaramaiah lashed out at the BJP on Twitter, questioning if the party had “taken Hindusim on lease”.

The CM tweeted in Kannada. According to ‘Google translate’, here’s what he said.

“Are only the BJP leaders Hindus? Are we not Hindus? Has the BJP taken Hinduism on lease? My name is Siddaramaiah. Siddhu and Rama is in my name.”

The Congress leader said that respecting all religions was “true Hindutva”.

“We are all Hindus. But we must respect all religions. We should respect the fact that we all look alike. This is our culture, this is true Hindutva,” Siddaramaiah said.

The CM was reacting to comments made by his Uttar Pradesh counterpart Adityanath, who recently visited Karnataka.

At a public meeting in Hubbali on Wednesday, Adityanath accused the Congress of trying to convert Karnataka, “the land of Lord Hanuman”, into “a land of Tipu Sultan worshippers”.

Source: Times of India