BJP is not a party, it is a washing machine to clean the crime done by its leaders: Kanhaiya Kumar

New Delhi: In a scathing attck on BJP,Youth leader Kanhaiya Kumar said that BJP is not a political party, it is a washing machine to clean the crime done by its leaders. During this, he appealed to the youth and said that everyone should understand the trap of these people. Speaking in “Yuva Hunkar Rally”, Kanhaiya Kumar accused BJP and RSS of spreading ‘violence and hatred’. He said,”if you read any religious book, you’ll find that every religion says that there is God in every human being. In Rajasthan, the person who killed Afrazul has also killed the God inside him. He said that BJP is spreading violence and hatred in the country. Taking a potshot at BJP, Kanhaiya said, “There are many BJP MPs in the Lok Sabha against whom serious cases are going on. BJP is not a party, it is actually a washing machine that works to clean the crime against its leaders.
Though, Police denied the permission for the rally, more than two thousand people reached in the rally. The rally was organized to show unity among all youth leaders of the country. Youth leaders united to raise the demand for the release of Bhim Army cheif Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan.