JDU is a senior partner in NDA: Pavan Verma

Some kind of distrust is being seen between BJP and JDU in last few days. While Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has again started the demand for special status to Bihar, some JDU leaders have come in open in criticising the BJP. Pavan Verma of JDU has said that JDU is a senior partner in Bihar and Nitish is CM of the NDA.

He said,”Between coalition partners, as elections approach, there will be discussions on seat adjustments, in the case of Bihar, JDU in our view has always been the senior partner, Nitish Kumar is CM of the NDA even today.”

He also said that we have not had formal talks, our expectation is that the BJP which is largest party in NDA will deal with its ally in a manner of mutual respect & understanding of certain factors verifiable on the ground.