Taslima Nasreen’s another controversial demand-“Ban Burqa everywhere in the world”

New Delhi: Exiled Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen is more in news because of her controversial statements than on her writings. Taslima another shown her hatred towards Muslim culture and tweeted,”France, Belgium, Austria, and now Denmark banned full-face veils in public places. It is not only violation of women’s rights, also it is important to show one’s face to verify identity for security reasons. Full-face veils should be banned everywhere in the world.”

Twitter users have objected to the tweet. Shyam Mohan Sharma said,”What if a women grew up watching her mother veil all the time. And she likes it and wear it. So due to this ban her rights to wear veil gets violated!and talking about security reasons during check up they can remove the veil and re wear it afterwards! People should be tolerant!”

Another user Gauhar Bhat said,”Ppl like u dnt know the value of Shiny Diamond as it luks better under cover not open like dustbins where everyone can spit .. 👍👍 modesty for women’s show itz uniqueness by itz own”