NaMo app is a unique app, does not seek blanket access..


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official app, NaMo that got caught up in the controversy relating to a series of recently exposed cases of data breach, does not ask for a blanket access to the users’ personal data, the government sources said on Sunday. “Narendra Modi App is a unique app, which unlike most apps, gives access to users in ‘guest mode’ without even any permission or data . The permissions required are all contextual and cause-specific,” sources said, adding, “Each function asks for the specific permission when access is required . The app does not ask for blanket permissions when the app is started .”

On Friday, a French security researcher, in a series of tweets, claimed that the Narendra Modi app sends all the device info and personal data including email IDs, photos, gender and names of the users without consent to a third-party domain belonging to an American company .

However, the sources clarified, “The data exposed by the French Twitter user is the data entered by the user on his own device . This is not a security breach . The person does not have access to any data apart from his own data .

“Data is being used for analytics using third party service, similar to Google Analytics . The data in no way is stored or used by the third party services,” it further explained .

The Narendra Modi App provides a platform for Prime Minister’s follower and party cadre to connect directly with him . Users can create their own profiles, earn points and win special awards for their activity levels . Users can also connect with MPs, MLAs of their constituency and interact with them .