Rahul’s Karnataka visit is for religious tourism: BJP


Just before the assembly election in Karnataka, a war of words is started between the BJP and the Congress in the state. Rahul Gandhi is campaigning for Congress in Bellary today, BJP is making a potshot over his visit.

BJP leader Piyush Goyal said about Congress President’s visit to Karnataka that i heard he is coming for religious tourism. He said,”I heard he is coming for religious tourism but I think people of Karnataka are smart, they know everything & will not be impressed by these tactics. It will certainly not wash away the sins of the state govt.”

Meanwhile Congress President addressed a rally in Bellary. He attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and criticised his 60 minute long speech in the Parliament. He said,”,”Narendra Modi didn’t speak about future, or giving employment to youth, or help to farmers in his one-hour long speech in Parliament. He spent one hour talking about Congress party & past. Country wants to listen about future from the PM.”

Rahul claimed that Modi make false promises, show false dreams,you get nothing after trusting him…Congress party does the same what it says … Narendra Modi ji’s words are hollow, his words have no value. .