No salary for Madarsa teachers in BJP ruled Jharkhand

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the Madarsa student should have a laptop in one hand and on other, a Quran. In contrast, BJP ruled Jharkhand is not paing salary to Madarsa teachers. For the last ten months, they haven’t got a salary.

Salary has not been paid to 186 unorganized madrasa teachers of the state for ten months. Madarsa teachers are constantly protesting on this issue. Madarsa teachers took a march last month on this issue.

Hamid Ghazi, general secretary of the Jharkhand Madarsa Teachers Association, points out that ‘look into the situation, one thing is clear that in Jharkhand, the BJP is hurting Madarsas very badly. That’s just because both the students and teachers are Muslims. “He said that this is a conspiracy to snatch the education from poor Muslims.

At the same time, Syed Fazlul, chairman of the Madarsa Teachers Association, says that they haven’t got any salary since March. Hoda has alleged that the government is adopting discriminatory policy. He said that 1400 posts of teachers are sanctioned in 186 madrasas of the state. But currently 700 teachers remain in service.


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