War over power in Israel


Endless public and secret clashes among different classes of Zionist society make us to study the structure of this racist society and to examine its two major classes of Ashkenazim and Sephardim.

Jews in Europe:

Ashkenazi Jews are a group of Jews who emigrated from Europe to the occupied territories.

Ashkenazi means the German Land in Hebrew. Most Ashkenazis lived in the country before the establishment of the Zionist regime. Over time, the term was also used to refer to other Jews in Europe, including the French, and so on.

Ashkenazi Jews played a key role in creating the Zionist occupation regime. Their wealth and influence in European countries provide the basis for the establishment of the regime. Then, they dedicated themselves to promote the migration of Jews from all over the world to the occupied territories. Therefore, historians consider them the main responsible for planting seeds of occupation and rape in Palestine.

Regime’s upper class:

Ashkenazi Jews are the upper class of Zionists society. They enjoy the highest amenities and have senior executive jobs in Government. They have earned most of the wealth. Ashkenazi’s wages are generally higher than other Jewish races. Naturally, they are also at a higher political and social level. Most of the regime’s rulers and founders of its protocols have been Ashkenazi.

Jews in the Middle East:

Sephardi Jews or Eastern Jews or Middle Eastern Jews are those who migrated from Arab states or third world countries to Palestine. Shepherd refers to the first generation of immigrant Jews from Iraq, Iran, the Arabian Peninsula, Afghanistan, North Africa and the Caucasus region.

It also uses to describe Jews referring to Iberia, Spain and Portugal. Most of them were expelled from their countries and were vassals of the Ottoman Empire.

Other than the language of the country of residence, they used a special language called “Ladino”, which is a combination of Hebrew and Latin.

The term Sephardi means the east. But in one of the translations of five Sephar of Moses, it was mistakenly attributed to a city in Asia Minor, in Spain which the term also refers to Spain in Modern Hebrew.

The poor and miserable class:

Sephardi Jews are the poor and oppressed class of society. They have suffered a lot and only are appointed for tough and intense careers. They have lower social position than Palestinian Arabs. While, they have enjoyed welfare and high social status in their country.

It is obvious that there is a wide gap between Eastern and Western Jews in the occupied territories in today’s society. A society that considers itself as the leader in equality and social justice and summoned a lot of Jews from the eastern countries to the occupied territories with the same slogan.

In the early years of the formation of the Zionist regime, the Eastern Jews immigrated to Israel by bribes and threats. Ashkenazi Jews with the help of Israeli security agencies encouraged the Eastern Jewish to emigrate by scaring Sephardi Jews and performing destruction operations at religious and holy sites of the Jews.

The structure of society classes in occupied territories led Ashkenazi Jews to use their wealth and infinite power to treat others in a worst possible way and make class differences clearer day-by-day.


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