VIDEO: Palestinian Worker Dumped at Israeli Checkpoint for Exhibiting Coronavirus Symptoms

A Palestinian worker exhibiting coronavirus symptoms was found dumped by Israeli authorities at the Beit Sira checkpoint that connects Israel and the occupied West Bank.

Footage recorded by 25-year-old Ibrahim Abu Safiya, who found him “dumped like trash,” has gone viral on social media.

The video shows the Palestinian laborer who works in Israel lying near the checkpoint, causing people to express their outrage over the treatment of the worker.

The worker was later picked up by Palestinian health workers and rushed to the National Hospital of Nablus where his COVID-19 test was negative, reported Wafa News Agency.

Despite his shock at seeing a sick man being “left to die” at a checkpoint, Abu Safiya said he wasn’t surprised by the incident.

In response, Palestinian government spokesman Ibrahim Milhem today in his daily briefing condemned the “the racist and inhumane” treatment of the Israeli authorities and employers when dealing with its Palestinian workers.

(Palestine Chronicle)


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