US deal of century ‘will go to hell’: Abbas


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Monday that US President Donald Trump’s so-called deal of century proposal will “go to hell,” once again stressing Palestine’s position to reject the agreement.

“The Palestinian Authority does not recognize this conference,” he said in a speech in Ramallah. “Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ will go to hell, as will the economic workshop in Bahrain that the Americans intend to hold and present illusions.”

Abbas added that the people of Palestine were moving step by step towards establishing an independent state of their own with Jerusalem al-Quds as its capital.

He said the Israeli-Palestinian conflict indeed needed a diplomatic solution but that doesn’t mean Palestine would agree to any agreement that is put on the table.

“Whoever is interested in proposing a solution to the Palestinian issue should begin with a diplomatic solution,” he added.

In December 2017, Trump effectively ended years of peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine by unilaterally recognizing Jerusalem al-Quds as the “capital” of Israel.

He caused further outrage by ordering the transfer of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to the Israeli-occupied city a few months later.

Back then Abbas said that Palestine would no longer recognize the US as an honest mediator.

There have been reports that Saudi Arabia and a number of other Arab states in the region have been pressuring Abbas behind the scenes to accept the deal and speed up the Arab world’s ongoing normalization of ties with Israel.


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