South African’s Model, Shashi Naidoo Apologizes, Announces Trip to Palestine


South African celebrity and model Shashi Naidoo announced on Wednesday that she would go on a fact-finding tour of Palestine, following the outcry over her social media posts.

Naidoo has come under much scrutiny after her comments about Israel and Palestine.

She appeared at a press conference held by BDS South Africa where she accepted a proposal to go on a guided tour of Palestine to learn more about the conflict.

“I’ve been very disappointed in myself for not knowing and being fully aware of what was happening in Gaza,” she said.

In her social media post, Naidoo referred to Gaza as a “shithole” during a debate with an Instagram user. She later admitted that the response was “copied and pasted” from a friend who she thought had a more “educated” viewpoint.

The itinerary of her tour will be guided by the South African Council of Churches and South African Jews for a Free Palestine.

(News24, PC, Social Media)


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