Qatar FM: Palestine is the core of all Arab issues

Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed Bin Abdul Rahman Al-Thani said that “the Palestinian issue is at the core and basis of Arab issues.”

“There can be no peace in the region without a just and lasting solution, in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy,” Al-Thani said in a tweet yesterday.

He continued; “We reject the continued Israeli occupation of the Palestinian people, and affirm our firm position on this issue, and stand committed with our brothers to the Arab countries who share our stance.”

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that if he is re-elected next week, he would impose Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea.

His declaration was met with Palestinian citizen of Israel and Member of Israel’s Knesset, Yousef Jabareen, responding: “Netanyahu, in his pledge to annex the Jordan valley, should get indicted for war crimes, apartheid and dangerous violations.”

While Saudi Arabia declared the move a “dangerous escalation against the Palestinian people” and called for an emergency meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Corporation (OIC).

Source: Middle East Monitor