Palestinian Friday of Anger threatens al-Aqsa’s electronic gates


Israeli media outlets have confirmed that the situation in al-Quds is now extremely tense, and did not rule out things getting out of “Israel’s” hand, especially after Palestinian threats regarding tomorrow’s developments.
Israeli Channel 10 warned of the Palestinian resistance’s escalation, wondering “will the situation become more volatile this next Friday?” as it called the “Israeli government” to remove the electronic gates, stressing that the past hours have seen efforts in that regard. It also noted that the proper precautions must be taken, saying that there is a chance might spiral out of control. Furthermore, it placed the occupation’s government before two options, either removing the electronic gates, or coordinate the matter through a political process with Arab countries.

Israeli site “Walla” reported that the Israeli government’s Sports and Culture Minister, and Netanyahu’s advisor, Miri Regev, as saying: “News of discussions and calls being made to remove the gates are untrue.”

IDF spokesperson Avichay Adraee said on his Facebook account that: “the security measures adopted at the Holy Al-Quds mosque are standard in all world capitals…so why this instigating sensitivity in Jerusalem-AlQuds?”

Al-Aqsa is currently witnessing rising tensions because of the new security measures enforced by “Israel”, as officials and al-Aqsa’s scholars have begun since the early hours of the morning to call Palestinians to be ready for confrontation on Friday.


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