Palestine will win the independence through Satyagrah: Tushar Gandhi


Tushar Gandhi, a well-known Gandhian activist who came as a representative from India, also attended the fourth conference of the ‘Global Movement of Return Palestine’ in Lebanon. His views on the freedom of Palestine on Israeli repression are quite clear. Apart from Palestine and India’s relations, we have talked him about Gandhian experiments and Bapu’s ideas.

Question: You are attending the fourth Conference of ‘Global Movement of Palestine Return’, what is your opinion about the session?

Tusharji- I am convinced that the question of Palestine’s independence has been narrowed by saying we are regional, but when we come here, the question gains strength that Palestine issue is International. We support Palestine and when we come here, we get the confidence that we are standing with Palestine..If times comes, we will stand with Palestine. The feeling of loneliness is diminished when I come here.

Question: Mahatma Gandhi had much clarity about Palestine, he had said that Palestine is for the Palestinians. What do you think that Bapu had so much clarity about Palestine?
Tusharji- While living in South Africa, Bapu’s view became global. After coming to India from South Africa, his view remained global.He continued to work under the global understanding even in the fight of independence. Bapu’s thought process was simple, so he used to simplify it earlier to understand the problem and then decide on it accordingly. You see that when Bapu said that England is for English, France is for French people and the Palestine is for Palestinians, it was a way of looking at their problems with a simple perspective. On this basis, Gandhiji easily understood civilizations and he became a supporter of Palestine.

Question- Do you believe that Mahatma Gandhi’s thinking of Palestine has over time changed and now India adopts a different policy. What are the reasons behind this?
Tusharji – We have compromised on the issue of Palestine for “selfishness”. Whenever our governments supported Israel, they cited our need. Whether it was a question of fighting terrorism or a question of dealing with Pakistan or a question of technology is needed, Even today, we can not openly say that India is a supporter of Israel. We do not want to recognize it but referring to the need and to maintain the relationship. This relationship is self-centered. Israel needs our recognition. When the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi rejected the idea of Israel, then why are we desperate to embrace Israel? This is a question of excessive greed. The fall on the issue of support to Palestine is not only seen in India but also in West Asia, and the problem is the same. Selfishness and greed.

Question: India has given a lot of attention to this session of Lebanon, what is the reason behind ?
Tusharji- I believe that this relationship is traditional. Palestine is in the heart of the people of India. I think that India’s support for Palestine is declining. Perhaps by giving place to India’s big delegation, it wants to understand that shortage. But it is a matter of understanding that the common masses of India still support Palestine.

Question: What is your comment on the relation between Palestine and Islam?
Tusharji – I think this would be the biggest blow to Palestine, if this fight of independence is linked to Islam in any way. This is a freedom fight of the country. This question is not of religion, but of freedom.Palestine has been getting extensive support outside the Islamic world. It is wrong to add Palestine with Islam only. We must understand that the basic idea of ​​independence works in all people and many people come together to struggle in freedom. It is the human nature that it connects people in the fight of independence. This is happening with Palestine. Palestine is seen as a symbol of immorality and gluten throughout the world, and whoever is against slavery is coming in favor of Palestine.

Question: Do you consider successful in organizing ‘Global Movement of Palestine Return’?
Tusharji – I saw in the pictures in the picture here how the people of Palestine were imprisoned in the walls. People can change if such people want to make such changes. The convention will send a message that what the rest of the world thinks about Palestine. This program will be successful in delivering comprehensive message to Palestine’s freedom fight.

Question: Relations between Palestine and women are quite deep. Not only women of Palestine, but other women in the world also stand in support of Palestine. This session is a testimony to this because women from all over the world also have a big partnership here. What’s your comment?

Tusharji- I will say very simple thing on this. You see that the fight of Palestine is the fight of the house. To settle their settlements, Israel has started breaking Palestine’s house and making them barren. It shows that he wants to fight with the houses. There is a woman’s life behind making and settling every house. The woman is the power to run the house on which Israel wants to capture. Israel is attacking the original identity of women.Attacking the spirit of the house is an attack on the identity of the woman. I am not on the basis of gender discrimination but it is true that women are home makers and Israel’s mistake is that they are attacking the woman’s world. When there are wars in the world, homes are abandoned, Israel is just attacking houses, breaking them.This is an attack on Palestinians, not only on the identity of women of the whole world. I think this feeling is connecting women around Palestine with Palestine. A man roams around the world, the woman is dear to her house. An attack on Israel’s Palestinian house attack is the attack on Sisterhood’s principle which is adding women around the world to the issue of Palestine.

Question: When we talk about women, would you like to comment on the teenage Palestinian girl child, Ahmad Tamimi,who is in Israel’s prison?

Tusharji – Absolutely. You see Ahad Tamimi has become a youth figure of freedom fight. The idea of ​​Malaa Yousafzai, on the training of girls, is the same about Mukham Ahmad Tamimi’s fight for independence. By putting Ahd Tamimi in jail, Israel has speeded up this freedom struggle. I am not saying that this is only the fight of these girls but we can give voice to this fight by giving our support.

Question: What do you think of the Israeli repression?
Tusharji – This is barbaric. Barbaric like Gujarat riots when pregnant women were killed because they wanted to eradicate the coming generations. Whenever a child makes a part of his repression, it is clear that he also wants to eradicate the future. But this does not happen.

Question: What is the future of Palestine in your opinion?
Tusharji- I think Palestinians will be free, as slavery ended and every fight of independence reached its conclusion, it will also reach. war has the principle that it can not continue, it has to end. The question is that it should be on the basis of Bapu’s theory. The fight for freedom should be based on satyagraha. Palestinians will get justice. Palestine through non-violence will win this fight very soon. The last person in the foreigners who met Palestine’s great leader Yasser Arafat was my father. Then Yasir Arafat had told them that Palestine needed a Gandhi. I think Palestine will be free. Sure would be.