Israeli plan to establish new settlement near Nablus Palestine

The Israeli authority  has approved a plan to establish a new Israeli settlement on annexed Palestinian land in Jalud village, southeast of Nablus in the West Bank.

Chief of the village Abdullah al-Haj said that the new settlement would be established near the illegal settlement of Shvut Rachel, which was built on an agricultural area that belongs to local residents.

Al-Haj stated that the so-called sub-committee for settlement affairs, which is a division at the planning council of the Israeli army’s civil administration, sanctioned the construction of this new settlement.

He explained that the plan also includes the establishment of a sewage plant on lands belonging to Jalud village and farmers from the nearby village of Turmus’ayya.

He noted that the Israeli Authority had already declared the seized area, where the plan would be carried out, “state land” at the pretext that its owners neglected it during the past years.

According to this plan, about 600 dunums of land from Jalud village and 150 dunums of land from Turmus’ayya village will be appropriated.



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