Indonesia reaffirms support for Palestinian statehood


The Indonesian Ministry for Foreign Affirms has released an annual press statement in which it reaffirms the country’s support for Palestine in the aftermath of the US’ recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Signed by Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi, the statement praises the response of the United Nations after US President Donald Trump’s sudden decision rocked the Muslim world.

“The majority of countries still view the issue of Jerusalem clearly, as reflected in the result of the United Nations General Assembly’s voting in New York on 21 December 2017. Democracy must be honoured and implemented at the global level. The position that most members of the UN took should become the world’s benchmark to resolve the issue of Jerusalem.”

It went on to reassure that the Palestinian struggle would be at the forefront of Indonesia’s external priorities.

Indonesia’s diplomacy shall continue to strive for Palestine for humanity and for justice. Indonesia’s support for Palestine is not only in the form of political support but also economic support and technical cooperation

it emphasised.

“Specifically, in the field of economy, Indonesia has applied “zero tariffs” to various Palestinian products entering the Indonesian market. This year, Indonesia will also strengthen cooperation in water desalination and health.”

Indonesia has traditionally been a strong supporter of Palestinian statehood and has condemned numerous Israeli policies towards Palestinians in the occupied territories.

Last year, Indonesia prevented the flight of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from flying over its airspace, as retaliation against Israel’s banning the foreign minister of Indonesia from visiting Palestine in 2016.

Indonesia also proposed international protection for Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa compound, to help avoid any further clashes between Israeli authorities and Palestinian worshippers, amid Muslims being barred from the site last summer.

Tens of thousands of Indonesians also marched from the main mosque in Indonesia’s capital to a square in Jakarta last month if protest of President Trump’s decision and many other demonstrations were held across the country.

The foreign ministry’s statement ended by affirming the importance of the Palestinian issue to the Indonesian government.

“Once again, Palestine is at the heart of Indonesia’s foreign policy, and in every breath of Indonesian diplomacy, there you will find our struggle for Palestine. On this august occasion, Indonesia once again calls upon the international community to continue providing its support for Palestine.”

Source: Middle East Monitor


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