Ex-Qatar PM warns of new ‘fiercer’ Palestinian Intifada

Former Qatari Prime Minister Hamad Bin Jassim Al Thani yesterday warned that a new Palestinian intifada may erupt and this time it would be “fiercer than previous one which erupted 20 years ago.”

He said that the increasing “brutal” Israeli practices against Palestinians could be the trigger of the new intifada.

“What is happening in the occupied Palestinian territories of killings in cold blood and house demolition by the occupation forces without any reaction, condemnation or protest at least, whether from Arab or international capitals, confirms to me that what Israel is doing is always far from punishment or criticism,” he tweeted.

“I expect that the occupation’s brutality to increase and that a large number of martyrs will fall, and that a new Palestinian uprising [intifada] may break out that will be fiercer than the previous one which erupted 20 years ago.”

Bin Jassim’s remarks came following a series of recent killings of Palestinians and amid heightened bloodshed by the Israeli occupation.This comes on the backdrop of the formation of a new Israeli government coalition which includes hardline right-wing Zionists who have called for Palestinians to be uprooted from their ancestral homeland.

He warned that the Arab and international silence encourages the Israeli occupation authorities to carry out more crimes against Palestinians, stressing that Israel’s violations must be stopped.

Source: Middle East Monitor


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