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Egypt attack carried to harm Palestinian cause- Mufti Ashfaq Quadri

  • New Delhi, November 27, 2017.

    “Egypt Mosque Terror attack is Saudi-Israeli-US counter to opening of Gaza Crossing & Palestinian refusal to accept so-called Saudi Peace Plan, which is a total surrender to Israeli Occupation. This attack was carried on the Sufi mosque by Wahhabi terrorists and intended not only to panic Sufis but also to the tourists, who are again the major contributors to the Egyptian economy.’ Mufti Ashfaq Hussain Quadri, Founder President of India’s largest Sufi Cleric Ulama organisation ie All India Tanzeem Ulama e Islam (AITUI) told here in the reaction to the Egypt massacre carried out in North Sinai at Bir alAbed, bordering city of Egypt with Gaza and occupied Palestine on Friday.

    Mufti Ashfaq Husain Qadri President AITUI
    Mufti Ashfaq Husain Qadri President AITUI

    “The crime of targeting Al-Rawda Mosque in Sinai is a cowardly act of terror that implies that these groups are linked with suspicious parties. The choice of place and time in carrying out this crime before the opening of the Rafah border crossing and after the end of the Cairo dialogues confirms these groups’ hostility against any Egyptian-Palestinian compromise and that they do not want Egypt to return to its leading Arab and international position.” Mufti Ashfaq read a written statement. He narrated that this cowardly act will not discourage Egypt from playing its patriotic and national role, so AITUI always voiced and advocated the positive and humanitarian role for the service of Gazans and Palestinians. “We stand with Egypt and its people against the crimes of these extremists,” Mufti Ashfaq stressed.

     “We unequivocally condemn the crime that was committed against the people who were supposedly safe in one of God’s mosques. This is the trial of derailment project of peace process and the unification of Palestinians all across from Gaza to Jerusalem by Cairo. The dirty nexus of USA, Israel and Saudis are against the way President Abdel Fattah Elsisi is trying to make One Palestine policy. Actually the attack is the message to Cairo to compel Palestine to accept Mohammed Bin Salman formula on Palestine, which any sensible Muslim would not accept” he said.

    Islamic State magazine last January published an interview which quoted a commander in Sinai outlined the group’s hatred for Sufis and their practices, including the veneration of tombs, the sacrificial slaughter of animals and what he termed “sorcery and soothsaying.” The interview, in English, identifies Rawda, the district where Friday’s attack occurred, as one of three areas where Sufis live in Sinai that the group intended to “eradicate.”

    “Egypt is the home and beacon of the Sufism and dirty Wahhabi thugs will never be successful to eradicate us from the region.” Mufti said after understanding the threat to Sufis by Islamic State.

    Mufti Ashfaq was also not happy about the coverage of the crisis is carried out. “It has been a very difficult day for Egypt and all Egyptians, but World Media outlets are making it even more  difficult, by over reacting, deterring people not to travel to Egypt, cancel their planned trips to Cairo Luxor, Aswan, Red Sea and South Sinai .The attacks happened in Northern Sinai at a town near Gaza and the Israeli borders. Terrorists again trying to stab the tourism industry in the country.” Mufti Ashfaq added.


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