Arab League chief under fire after saying Palestine less important


Cairo. The Arab League chief has got himself in hot water after saying the importance of the Palestinian cause has “reduced” even as Israel is stepping up its coercive measures in the occupied territories.

“There are more pressing matters we (Arab countries) must contend with, since the Arab world has dramatically changed,” Ahmed Aboul Gheit said in a recent televised interview with a local Egyptian channel. He also stressed that the Arab region is currently going through tougher times compared to 2010.

“Arab nations have recently seen the hardest of times,” Aboul Gheit noted, citing the crises gripping Yemen, Syria and Libya.

“We must not forget the mistakes made by Arab rulers, inflicting tragedies upon the region,” he said.

Several political analysts condemned Aboul Gheit’s remarks as a step towards the normalization of relations between Arab countries and the Tel Aviv regime.

Israel has full diplomatic relations with only two Arab states, Egypt and Jordan, but latest reports suggest the regime is working behind the scenes to establish formal contact with Saudi Arabia and its allies.

An Egyptian political analyst, identified as Mahmoud, told The Media Line that the Arab League chief’s “statements are a clear attempt to prepare the ground for the normalization of relations with the Zionist entity.”

“He (Aboul Gheit) is not very smart because the Arab street would never accept this entity in any way,” he said, emphasizing that Arab citizens have turned away from their governments on the issue.

“The majority of Arabs see Israel as a foreign body, and feel threatened by it. While politicians have their own agendas and interests with the Zionist entity, the wider Arab nation does not and rejects it,” Mahmoud pointed out.

Jordanian political commentator Moeen al-Taher said Aboul Gheit’s comments implied that he is seeking to establish formal ties with Israel and soften the Arab public opinion on the matter.

Lebanese political analyst Qasem Qaseer described the Zionist entity as “the region’s core problem” and accused the Arab League of “trying to de-prioritize” the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


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