Pakistan: Banners appeal army chief Raheel Sharif to contest elections

By Times Headline Writer

Mysterious banners appeared Saturday in Pakistan appealing to army chief General Raheel Sharif who is set to retire this month to contest elections.

The banners put up on electricity poles in Rawalpindi urged Sharif him to contest election in 2018 by one Sheikh Amjad Ali.

Since government officials cannot enter politics for at least two years after leaving service, the banners urged that the mandatory period should be reduced in case of Sharif.

They claimed that election of Sharif will end tension between military and government.

It is not for the time the banners have appeared in favour of the army chief. Previously also banners addressing him had urged him to “stay on” and asked the government to extend his tenure.

In July, posters were seen in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and several other major cities, urging the general to impose martial laws instead of retiring.

The army has so far not commented on the banners.


With inputs from news agencies