Pak Journalist put on Exit Control List by PM Sharif ‘puzzled, saddened’

Cyril Almeida, the editor of pakistan news organisation informed of "Exit Control List"

ISLAMABAD: Cyril Almeida, a Pakistani journalist who last week reported on the rift between the civilian government and the Army in Pakistan, is “puzzled, (and) saddened” that Islamabad can now stop him from leaving the country, because he “had no intention of going anywhere.”

The Pakistan government, which is facing international isolation following the terror attack on India last month, has again done itself no favours by restricting a journalist’s movements.

Almeida reported an exclusive story last week for Dawn newspaper that the civilian government in Islamabad told the all-powerful Pakistan army to clamp down on terrorists or risk facing international isolation.

Then, yesterday, an enraged Islamabad restricted Almeida’s movements, by putting him on an ‘Exit Control List’, a move that is likely to isolate Pakistan even more.


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