Why was Manama chosen for deal of century’s 1st phase?


Last year and earlier, reports coming out of Manama worried the Islamic community. At the same time, a tour of al-Quds and occupied areas by a group of Bahraini religious experts created controversy.

Although the Bahrain government responded with a mysterious reaction and declared it as a personal journey and said it was against the policies of the government, it later became clear that the visit was conducted with the coordination of the Bahrain government and
intelligence service of the Zionist regime.

At the same time, Bahrain religious authorities condemned the trip and described it as a betrayal against the Islamic community and against the religious views. However, a news release that raised concerns.

Reuters reported that the trip of Israel’s high-level delegation to attend the Bahrain Innovation Summit had been canceled due to “security complexity.” While the truth is that, this conference and the presence of high-level delegation have were called off due to mass protests by Bahraini people.

In other words, for quite a while relations between Israel and Bahrain had become public in the religious and practical field. These ties continue secretly and in clandestine forms until the news agencies talk about the deal of the century.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently spoke in an interview about the first phase of the deal of the century project  and eliminating Palestine, and said that the first meeting will be held in Manama.

Prior to this, the media published news about the Zionist officials visit to Manama and claimed that the head of the Mossad Organization is responsible for coordinating and holding secret visits by Zionist regime’s officials to Bahrain and other Persian Gulf states.

In such a way Mossad has given security guarantee to organize these meetings and Mossad agents have trained the Bahraini intelligence apparatus and provided the ruling Al Khalifa family with special equipment to suppress the Bahraini opposition.

Of course, this is not the Mossad’s first attempt as it has a history of Suppression of opponents in Islamic countries. As in Iran, with the collaboration of SAVAK (Pahlavi’s regime’s intelligence service), it used to suppress the opponents of Shah.

Meanwhile, after it was revealed that Manama will join the conference, parties to the deal of the century, and even those who were in any way involved in the compromise project, reacted sharply.

The Fatah movement, emphasized the boycott of the Manama Summit, and announced that whoever attends the meeting is a “traitor” and a “mercenary”.

In a statement issued by al-Mayadeen news agency, Fatah adds: The purpose of the Bahraini summit is to force the Palestinians to accept a shameless deal from the economic channel and the Palestinian people and leaders reject this shameful deal with solidarity and reject the American invitation to participate in the Bahrain Summit.

What has been said in these numerous news and statements is the initial project of compromising is for financing and milking the Arab countries to reduce the costs of the Zionist regime for Washington.

Trump wants to conclude the deal of the century by the end of the next two months, and on that basis, he needs financial support.

The Manama summit is expected to cover the cost of displaced Palestinians and force the governments of Jordan and Egypt accept these Palestinian nationals residing in their countries as citizens.

If this turn out to be true then for the century agreement, we should see an extravaganza by Manama, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh governments. An issue that shows some Arab countries are actively seeking to satisfy Israel with the Muslim people’s money.


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