Vaccines lead to mutations, the latest being the deadly Delta variant

By Feroze Mithiborwala
The issue now is clear. The variants & mutations are being caused by the Vaccines! Yes, that’s the major problem that we confront now. All the 3 major countries touted as Vaccine success stories, namely Israel, UK & US are now facing the Delta variant. Which now essentially means that a new set of mass Vaccinations to counter Delta – and this will lead to new lethal mutations – and then lockdowns, masks, social distancing, deaths, hospitals, fear, economic & social destruction yet again. We have all been entrapped into a deadly seemingly unending cycle – one which be understood and broken. It’s not difficult anymore to do so. The lies by Bill Gates and especially Dr. Fauci are evident, have always been. Thousands upon thousands of Doctors, Scientists, Virologists, Epidemiologists, Nurses, are all speaking out. It’s all very clear. Covid-19 is undoubtedly a laboratory created Bioweapon that has been unleashed upon the world. The vaccines themselves, especially the mRNA vaccines, are very very dangerous, as both their short term & especially their long term implications for our health & our very longevity are unknown. These are essentially Synthetic Biologic Injections, essentially Experimental Vaccines. We are all part of an ongoing Experimental trial. We need to now understand that and say NO! ENOUGH! We have to expose this Medical Totalitarian, Big Pharma-Big Tech Dictatorship that is being foisted upon us & begin to take back our communities, our nations & the world and we will.
(The views are personal)


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