Taliban is NOT the biggest terror organization in the world, rather is it … ?

There seems to be no apparent difference between the Sangh and the Taliban!

Just as The Taliban, sway people in the name of Islam, giving birth to terrorism and organizations like the ISIS, where people are threatened to join violece, the same fear is instilled in Hindus, in the name of indigenous Hinduism or Hindutva in India.

In the name of religion, Taliban brainwashes innocent individuals and turns them inot blood hungry terrorrists. In the same way, under the name of Hindutva, Dara, Babu Bajrangi, Asimanand, Pragya have influenced a lot many generations to adopt a violent, Semitic version of Hinduism which they also term as, “Indian Nationalism”. The only difference is that the Taliban do not refuse accept the attacks they undertake, they are bold enough to accept their criminal activities, however these saffronic goons hide behind mafia gangs and play the dirty game of religious politics.

The result of their thinking is on a major attack by Kasab, which culminates on the blasts by Aseemanand! Even innocent people die, even innocent, they die! There is no difference, there is Osama in here Osama (Nand) What is the difference ?
For them, whoever knows their truth, they write against them, they all become their sworn enemies, whether it is Kalburgi, Gauri Lankesh, Dabolkar or pingar!

If the Sangh begins to recall the heinous crimes it has committed over the years since independence it might just begin hating itself. The Sangh repeatedly harps the hyms of Kashmiri Pandits! Have the Sangh ever spoken in support of the victims of Bhagaana, Mirchpur, Khairlangi, Jhajjar, Muzaffarpur, Bathe, Lakshmanpur? Is there a single clamor for them to shed tears? The victims of these places stand troubled by Hindu priests. Did the Sangh ever stir up a movement against Khap Panchayats?
Not because that is part of our great culture!
Did the Sangh have ever encourag widow marriage and tried to remove the misery of the millions of widows living a hellish life?
No, they won’t go against the scriptures! Do their scriptures tell them to kill and maim senselessly? Did the Sangh have ever done something to destroy the millions of temples that grew up like a pimples on the government land?
No, India is a sacred place!
Did the Sangh have done something to cater to the millions of homeless people whose generations have passed on the nallahs and sidewalks or have passed?
Not because this is the sin of your previous birth!
Did the Sangh have ever demanded to give the country’s property to the poor of the trillions of rupees which are rotting in the form of offerings in millions of temples after enjoying God?
Not that it is a matter of faith!
Did the Sangh have ever done anything to address the fundamental problems of the nation, despite being the army of 60 million nationalists?
Not because this nationalism is the pretense of establishing Manuism!

Their real aim is not to advance the country, they have nothing to do. Their goal is to establish humanism in the guise of nationalism, eliminating the constitution based on equality in the country, and re-implementing Manusmriti once again based on inequality!
The country has seen a sample of great nationalism of the nation from ninety years. According to the mentality of dismantling the nation in the name of nationalism of Sangha, the Sangh has, from time to time, to cover its sins, innovative India, Ram Sena, Ranvir Sena, Hindu army etc. Sponsors a conspiracy to annihilate the unity and integrity of the country by its people by names … and then when the misdeeds of these people come out,
Who does not know Godse, Babu Bajrangi, Dara Singh, Asimanand, Srikant Purohit, Pradnya Thakur, who is the birthright?
By training thousands of such people by creating thousands of them like their opiate mindset by spreading nationalism, the VHP, Bajrang Dal, by not knowing many foul Hinduism, are easily executed by mischief!

History is laughing with the wounds given to the nation by them, wounds of una, bhagana, Dadri are still green! If the Sangh was actually a supporter of nationalism then he would certainly oppose casteism in public, but now it becomes more to eat and show his teeth.
If the Sangh was worried about the nation, then he tried to end the caste from the root, then he has to establish manhood in the guise of nationalism!
What is the reason for caste system in India or was it?
Why do the incidents of Dalit oppression happen?
Why are the plight of women?
For all these, did the Sangh do anything in the nineties?
From the assassination of Gandhiji to Gujarat, in Kandhamal, we have seen the real scary face behind the false nationalist face of the Sangh and has experienced it …. He is bent on blocking the country in the name of unity and integrity and talk. That’s nationalism!
Sex rackets
Child trafficking
Counterfeit notaries
Spying on ISI
the killing
eve teasing
Killing of Dalits
Drug Mafia
Protecting rapists
Killing of Muslims in the name of cow vigilantism
Terrorizing the minority communities by mob lynching

Sangh is the world’s largest terrorist organization by the number of terrorists, not only in this country, but in the entire world.
Now is not the time to show sensitivity to these psychotics, it is time to stand up against them!

And yes saffron cockroaches. We do not need a patriotism certificate from you! You are the traitors of the country and no one needs any patriotism certification from you!