Selling Arabic fervor with Arab money!


During the past decades, after the occupation of Palestinian territory by Zionism, few believed that one day the US State Department would consider part of its budget to normalize relations between Israel and Arabs. The budget that even the bills of delivery should be supplied by the same Arabs, who once considered Palestine to be the fervor of the Islamic world, and announced the negotiation of the recognition of Israel as their red line.

Now, however, not only sports ties but also Zionist Arab leaders are getting together and decide on the future of normalization of relations in front of the face of Muslims.

Indeed, Saudi messages phenomena to Israel through social networks do not mean freedom of speech (in Saudi Arabia), but the Saudi power and sovereignty system confirms it, and is regarded as an unofficial normalization of relations.

In an article published by Yediot Aharonot newspaper on its website, Zionist scholar, Adam Hoffman, from Moshe Doyan Center, University of Tel Aviv has pointed to a Saudi activist, Mohammed al-Qahtani, condolences the death of a Zionist settler to the Zionists and considered the Palestinian terrorist as the killer.

According to the report, the Saudi activist wrote in his tweet: “On behalf of the Saudi people, I condole the death of Ovary Onnoghen, a very loyal soldier (Zionist) by a Palestinian terrorist, and I ask God to have mercy on him, thanks God that the Shabak forces (the interior Zionist intelligence service) and the special police quickly arrested this Palestinian terrorist.”

According to the Zionist analyst, Saudi activist in his tweet put the soldier’s image that was killed and in another image together with the flags of Israel and Saudi Arabia, which re-tweeted so many times.

The Saudi activist wrote in another tweet with the publication of a photo of the Saudi passport along with the Zionist passport: “We live with our Israeli friends in peace.”

The Zionist scholar says that Saudis’ approach to direct contact with the Israelis is not new. In March 2018, a Saudi journalist named Lewis al-Sharif, who is also fluent in Hebrew, wrote in a videotape addressed to Israeli citizens that Saudi Arabia does not intend to threat Israel.

In November 2018, a Saudi citizen wrote that “Saudis want peace with Israel.” He spoke of his desire to travel to Tel Aviv.

Hoffman emphasizes that such letters (in cyberspace), although not published by the official parties, could not be published without the approval of the Saudi authorities. He added that in Saudi Arabia governs the absolute royal system and limited freedom of expression has been sharply reduced over the past two years by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

According to the Zionist analyst, the publication of these letters on social networks, though by citizens, not the official ones, but it can be regarded as “indirect messages and letters from the Saudi system to Israeli citizens.”

On the other hand, the deal of the century, which the main architect of it, is the Zionist son-in-law of Donald Trump. In fact, since Trump has been elected as the president of the United States, we are witnessing such actions as the transfer of the US embassy to al-Quds and the cessation of aid to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

All of this is a preliminary course for the unveiling of a plan in which the right of many of the nation is disregarded by the United States and Zionism and full ownership of the occupied territories will be happened.

In fact, this is a free-of-charge peace deal between Israel and the Arab states and serves as a prelude to imposing the remaining clauses of the century’s deal aimed at exploiting the official Arab dissolution to eradicate the Palestinian case and end the Israeli-Arab conflict and confession to Israel as a brotherly country in the Middle East.

And perhaps it is the most important plot of the designed plan that interprets the reasons for the destruction of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and hunger in Egypt, which is impossible without the destruction of these countries under numerous and false pretexts.