Are we ruled by the Modi Govt. or by a Corporate-Fundamentalist Govt. ?

Earlier governments have also faced the pressure of industrialists. In my knowledge, the lowest corporate pressure in the center till now was the government led by VP Singh! But the current BJP government has changed the notion of ‘corporate pressures’! It proved that it is itself ‘Corporate-Fundamentalist Government’! Its coalition has only two components, corporate and RSS! Therefore, there is no need to put pressure on it from outside!

Before the start of the Jio Institute (education-research or technology) of the Ambani family’s Reliance Foundation, the Modi government gave it the status of the country’s ‘Iminence’ or the best institution! In this category, IIT Delhi, Mumbai and IISc Bengaluru are included! But the ‘child’ which was not created by Modi’s government, gave something like ‘Bharat Ratna’! Now think, there was such a government in India! This is also the first time in India!

UP Chief Minister and Noida

I have been consistently rejecting UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and his party’s politics, ideological mood and anti-people policies. I am still doing it.

Due to superstition, many former Uttar Pradesh chief ministers used to inaugurate the program of Noida in Lucknow itself! But our CM Yogi did not fall under the superstition! What is the meaning of this? There is no necessity that a person inspired by divisive thinking or religious fundamentalism is superstitious too! CM Yogi , you have introduced a better approach. Goodwill! The rest will continue to criticize your politics and ideology!

In the case of Noida, Yogi separated himself from the superstitious behavior of his predecessors, but there are many such instances, where his own superstition was clearly exposed. Meaning that he is not a coherent thinking or a scientist of the mood swings! Their narrow ideology will allow them to become like this!


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