Rahul Gandhi speaks honestly in US – Social Activist Feroz Mithiborewala


Recently, the Vice-President of Congress Rahul Gandhi addressed the gathering in University of California, where he spoke about the failure of demonetization, dynasty and other issues.

Mumbai based social activist Feroz Mithiborewala present his thoughts on the speech, He spoke well and honestly. On the Econmomy, he was right when he said that Demonetization has harmed the country and was a self-inflicted wound.

That the focus is on the top 100 corporations & not on the small scale industries & farmers, where our main production & employment is generated. GST too was pushed far too fast, with little consensus (on the details & will prove harmful to traders and businessmen, my addition).

On Hatred, Intolerance, Lynchings, murder of journalists, we have been saying it all along that the fear in this country has risen in the course of the Modi Govt aquiring power at the centre. On Dynasty, He was very weak and all he had to say was that it is a reality of Indian politics, with even dynasties within the BJP. Most if not all Regional parties are run by dynasties.

Finally it is for the Indian people to vote and decide as to who their MP’s, MLA’s, Corporators, Sarpanches will be. He was also right when he stated that the Congress Govt had grown arrogant by 2012 & was not listening to the people. All in all, he was articulate and honest. Can he lead the opposition into the elections of 2019, surely not from Berkeley, the Congress & the rest of the opposition is hardly mobilisng on the streets, and their criqtique is limited to the TV studios at 9.00pm, that’s hardly the way to lead a country that is facing a failing economy, a rightwing gone wild, dissenting voices being trolled and targeted with hate, a society increasingly living in insecurity & fear.

The opposition parties need to start taking up the issues of the people, yatras, dharnas, mass mobilisation – build up a unity around issues and programmes – that is the only way ahead if they are to pose a serious challenge to Modi in 2019