PM Modi has a “Language Issue”! Does it suit a Prime Minister to use undignified language?


It is for the very first time that a Prime Minister has been questioned of using undignified and discourteous language. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has garnered much attention and drawn massive flak must for using “unwarranted, threatening and intimidating language” that is completely unacceptable for the country’s top post, a group of Congress leaders, including former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, have written in a letter to the President.

“It is unthinkable that in our democratic polity, the Prime Minister as head of the government would utter words which are threatening, intimidating in content and a public warning to the leaders of the main opposition party, the Congress,” said the letter to President Ram Nath Kovind. The letter refers to PM Modi’s speech at a public meeting in Karnataka’s Hubli on May 6, in which he said: “Congress leaders, please listen carefully, if you cross your limits, remember this is Modi – and you will pay.”

The Congress leaders said the Prime Minister “was not expected” to use menacing language while campaigning, because then it would be the abuse of his powers and privileges as PM to settle personal and political scores. “This cannot be the language of the Prime Minister of a constitutionally governed democratic country of 1.3 billion people. The threat held out by the Prime Minister to the Congress leadership deserves to be condemned,” said the Congress, calling PM Modi’s words unacceptable.”We would like to state that neither the party nor our leaders will be cowed down by such threats.”

However hours later, the BJP did what it does best, it made a plan to sling mud on its opponents and came out with its list of abuses that it said had been directed at PM Modi by Congress leaders over the years, some before 2014, when he came to power at the centre. Firstly, is it acceptable for a Prime Minister to be using such coarse language? NO. A Prime Minister is the most supreme leader of the country and for a Prime Minister to be using such language only shows his “I’m the PM and I can do and say anything” attitude. We certainly don’t need such a leader, who himself doesn’t respect anyone unless they’re a means of profit for him. I mean, look at it from this perspective, PM Modi has almost hugged the entirety of the International Political World and yet at home, he’s extremely discourteous under the intoxication of election fever.

The Congress letter comes a day before the results of the Saturday Karnataka election, campaigning for which was acrimonious and replete with personal attacks from both sides.

Secondly, this move of the BJP of enlisting insults thrown at PM Modi’s way. Dear BJP, learn something from the Congress, if someone abuses or insults you, you don’t dirty your hands and sling mud their way, you give it a legal course, just like the Congress did. If BJP was so concerned about being insulted they too should have written to an authority.