Is pellets only option to deal with stone pelters


By- Hanain Sikander Wani

Hundreds of youngsters have lost their vision in Kashmir by Pellets. Many of them can never see again despite specialist  came but none among these victims will see again.

Life is lifeless to these victims whose world has become dark. Are pellets justified for stones or to disperse protesters?

These victims with red eyes who yesterday used to play, fly, run, study, today are caged in a room where they yesterday used to do all their stuff.  But now every step they take is because they are being guided by their parents or near ones.

Their life is shattered. It is very hard to accept such a big change that “I can never see again,” it can really make one go mad.

Ifra jan was just 14 when she received pellets in her home yard when she was looking for her brother.

Eight year old Junaid is also a pellet victim; he was shot from a close range.

Another most talked victim Insha Mushtaq 15, who was blinded. She wanted to become a doctor she opened a window to see what is happening outside but as soon as she opened the window she recieved pellets in both her eyes due to which she lost her vision.

Still these lethal weapons are being used. Government says that these weapons are no –lethal but if they are not so harmful then how come it has stanched so many eyes.


And how are these weapons being used, they are used in a much planned manner.  They are targeted in such a way that it cripples one’s life. So many cases are there; see how many people have lost their vision. And deaths were also reported due to these pellets.

“The Hindu reported 14% of pellet gun victims in Kashmir are below 15.”   

Vision is like a candle which is lit to lighten but when you blow it everything becomes dark.

Source: voiceofwadi


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