Peace for Prosperity: Covering up an attempt to maintain power


After the official announcement of the deal of the century by the United States the regional countries that have partnered with America, such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, have supported it and even announced that they are willing to cooperate with Tramp to Implement it. When the US government announced May 14, 2018, the occupied city of Quds, as the capital of the regime of Israel, and decide to transfer the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Quds, Arab states aligned with the United States in the region, despite the fact that the Palestinians and Hamas condemned the deal of century and have made massive marches against this, they defended this action, or took passive positions.

Although the United Nations did not recognize Quds as the capital of the Zionist regime in its December 21, 2017 resolution. Later, on March 21, 2019, the President of the United States took the next step in the implementation of the deal of the century and wrote on Twitter: “After 52 years, it’s time for the United States to recognize the sovereignty of Israel over the Golan Heights, which has strategic significance for the security of the state of Israel and the stability of the region.” Following this decision, we also saw negative reactions on the international level from Syria, Russia, Turkey, the Arab League, and even US officials and institutions. Richard Haas, a former senior US State Department official and chairman of the Foreign Policy Council, said that Mr. Tramp’s remarks contradict the provisions of Security Council resolution 242 on the 1967 war. The resolution explicitly states that the occupation of land by Israel will prevent peace in the region.

Eventually, after two and a half years of the announcement of the deal of the century by Trump the next step to implement this deal was taken on June 25, 2019, which was held in Manama, entitled “Peace for Prosperity.” This deal was guided by Jared Kushner, Trump’s adviser and son in law. In this plan, he separated politics from the economy and announced that the United States will deal with political issues later. Under this plan, a framework for $ 50 billion in investment in the Palestinian territories and neighboring countries was projected over the next 10 years, with 28 billion for the Palestinian territories (Gaza and the West Bank), 7.5 billion for Jordan, 9 billion for Egypt and six Billions of dollars were allocated to Lebanon.

Jared Kushner has a long history in direct aid to Zionist settlements. The Kushner Foundation, run by the Kushner family, has contributed more than $ 58,000 to Israeli to settlements and build religious schools. Following his election as US president, Tramp introduced Kushner as a mediator for peace between Israel and Palestine. Indeed, as evidence shows, the deal of the century was promised to the Zionist regime even before Trump’s presidency and Kushner played an important role in creating it as well as creating an alliance between Zionist lobbyists inside the United States to support Tramp in the presidential election. It is obvious, therefore, that he will try to advance the promises made to the Zionist regime on the eve of the presidential election in the United States.

What seemed to outcome from Manama’s meeting and previous US actions in executing the deal of the century plan is that the United States, in fact, has withdrawn from its previous and traditional position to apparent role as an intermediary between Arabs and Israel and has become a “Debt collector”. The United States wants to convince the Palestinian people to withdraw their rightful positions and make peace with the Zionist occupying regime through economic promises.

In order to maintain its hegemony, the United States is inevitably more inclined to leverage its interventions without seriously assuming legitimate international frameworks. So It is not surprising, that he will withdraw from his apparent position as an intermediary between the Arabs and Israel and clearly act to advance the interests of Israel. The principle of the deal is to allow the Zionist regime to seize the region and be recognized as a powerful sovereign state in the Palestinian Territory on the one hand, and through absorption of economic resources from the Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar, can escape the current isolation in the international system, and turned into the economic and military power of the region, on the other hand. And that was Trump’s election promise.

On the other hand, the United States is well aware that the implementation of the deal of the century transaction plan is very difficult and even impossible, and its efforts have so far been failed. In a world where the United States is no longer the most powerful unit and its power is faced with serious challenges, and to remain in power he needs the Zionist regime support, as well as bring satisfaction from the public and the international community too, so by putting the peace label on its actions The US wants to maintain its international image.


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