Not a “Muslim Party” but Congress draws its strength from Muslims

Very recently, Rahul Gandhi in his obliviousness to all the accusations of Muslim appeasement, said “yes Congress is a Muslim party because Muslims in this country are weak and Congress has always been with weaker sections”.

This mere sentence by Rahul Gandhi has armed BJP-RSS leaders with the grit to pull Congress down under, and taint its image among the upper caste Hindus. Nirmala Sitharaman, who should be more concerned about Myanmar, a tiny country that has extended its borders 7 km into the Indian territory and about how China is engulfing the entirety of south Asia, however she also is harping the same political rhythm.

The Bharatiya Janata Party is often caught behaving as if all the problems in the world would be solved once all Muslims stop being Muslims.

One shouldn’t be angered at this response of BJP, I’ll tell you why. BJP can stoop to the lowest of lows to win. BJP’s campaign pattern has essentially revolved around demonizing Muslims, to acquire the majority Hindu votes and they further also demonize political parties who support Muslims.

What comes as a shock is that the Congress too is using religiosity to combat election pressure!

Rahul Gandhi should essentially understand is that Muslims are not weak. They have just succumbed to the saffron atmosphere in the country. The day Muslims decide to fight or rebel, one might not see the color saffron ever in India.


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