New threats to the White House; Is Donald Trump looking to leave the WTO?


The US president threatened to withdraw his country from the organization if the World Trade Organization (WTO) does not behave better with the United States. Earlier, the media outlined a draft plan, according to which Tramp intends to withdraw the country from the World Trade Organization. This scheme, called the “Fair and Friendly Tariff” of America, allows Tramp to do so without the consent of the Congress and By abandoning international law, it will increase tariffs arbitrarily and provide conditions for US withdrawal from the World Trade Organization.

Donald Trump seems to want to take tactics against NATO at this time against the World Trade Organization. He threatened to ban the United States from the treaty by criticizing the commitment of NATO members to their financial obligations. This threat was somewhat effective, and some European powers increased their share of the NATO budget. This time, the US president has threatened to leave the organization if the World Trade Organization does not change its engagement with the United States. “If the World Trade Organization does not change its behavior, we will get out of this organization,” Tramp told Bloomberg Network. As in the interview, Tramp did not always keep China out of his own threats, saying that China has not survived a commercial litigation with the United States. He also said he wants to decide how to treat the countries that control their currency. He has repeatedly criticized the Chinese government’s control over the yuan’s currency. In an interview with Bloomberg, Tramp stepped one step further and explicitly said: “We are a stronger country. No one can come to us. We have become financially stronger than we used to be. ”

The World Trade Organization (WTO) was formed in 1995 to formulate international trade laws and resolve disagreements, and currently has 164 members, Afghanistan is the newest member of this organization.

If the threat of a practical tramp and the United States go out of the World Trade Organization, a deadly blow to the world’s foremost corporation. The United States is the founder of this organization and plays a key role in funding the organization’s $ 141 billion budget. In the world of trade, countries do not have a fair deal with the United States, and the World Trade Organization (WTO) is also laying the groundwork for this unfair treatment, Trump said. This is not the first time that Tramp talked about the US withdrawal from the World Trade Organization. However, Tramp consultants say the exit from the World Trade Organization is not something that can be quickly decided upon, which puts a lot of pressure on the United States and Tramp, but the tramp with a history of withdrawal and the Paris agreement and the unilateral withdrawal of Some regional and international trade agreements have shown no interest in complying with international obligations. In July, some White House officials said the US president had told a number of his advisers that he would withdraw from the World Trade Organization. The criticism of Tramp has also been repeated by the United States representative at the World Trade Organization, Robert Lytzyr, and criticized China for membership in the organization. “The World Trade Organization is not able to deal with countries like China that do not have a free market,” the US representative told reporters.

Robert Lytzier also criticized the dispute settlement and complaints handling process at the World Trade Organization, saying that it is a kind of intervention in America’s sovereign affairs. In the run-up to the US presidential election campaign, Donald Trumpt raised protests and critiques against international institutions and international treaties, which has increased import tariffs for some goods from Europe and China in recent months.

All this while a number of complaints have already been filed to the WTO, in which they have been challenged by the new customs tariffs in the United States. The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an international body whose task is to regulate economic and trade relations between the countries of the world and resolve conflicts between them through judges. The US government has recently blocked the election of new judges in the WTO, creating a new issue. The headquarters of this organization is in Geneva.
The French president had offered Monday to convene in Paris this November in Paris, the United States, European countries, China and Japan to discuss and reform the reform of the World Trade Organization.
According to Bloomberg, the departure of the United States from the organization will have an effect beyond trade tension with China and undermine international order. Tramp last month also said that the World Trade Organization should change its behavior.

In recent months, the war between the United States on the one hand and China, the European Union, Russia, Mexico and Canada, on the other hand, have raised the tension and protest of US trade partners to the WTO. Tramp, who, by imposing import tariffs, seeks to establish supportive policies for the US economy, says the organization is unfair with the United States. In the same vein, Washington has recently blocked the selection of new judges in the World Trade Organization. This US action could distort the process of issuing its opinions in commercial disputes. The trade dispute between the United States and China has actually led to the confrontation between the two top economies of the world, and the two parties have increased their import tariffs on several occasions on several occasions. The third round of customs tariffs will target more than $ 200 billion in Chinese goods over the coming days, and China has responded to US tariffs by paying similar reciprocity taxes on US goods and complaints to the World Trade Organization (WTO).