What mission does the Israel have in Saudi Arabia?

The 14th Israeli network reported in a report to Mossad’s chairman Yossi Cohen last summer that he had been visiting Saudi Arabia for several times. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has just returned from a trip to Amman and other news reports claim he is planning to travel to Bahrain. Earlier, a news release was issued on the visit of Bin Salman to a senior Zionist official in Jordan, which is unclear with what kind of appointment and decisions he has made. The question is, what is the Zionist regime in Saudi Arabia?

Unfortunately, the Saudi rulers have come to play in Tel Aviv and have become the tools of their hands. They were unknowingly in a game with a head of Tel Aviv and one of the other Muslims in the region. Saudi Arabia has become a tool for Tel Aviv for killing and destroying Muslim people and for financing the Zionist war. The disclosure of the news of the visit of the head of the Mossad is also important in a Zionist media carrying a few messages.

1 Tel Aviv does not fear its relationship with Saudi Arabia and is not worried about its consequences. The level of Saudi-Israeli relations is so high that the Mossad leader’s visit to Riyadh has become routine, and Riyadh has been using Tel Aviv’s military and security support.

2 The Riyadh conflict in the Yemeni war has failed directly and in Syria in support of the terrorists, and Riyadh has no choice but to address the Taliban. Earlier in the two important Syria areas, in particular the operation room, “Amman” Riyadh had a joint intelligence service with Tel Aviv, and it seems to be a great deal for further cooperation in the Syrian and Yemeni affairs, and in support of the kingdom of Bahrain to curb the revolutionaries. Zionists have a good experience of suppressing and confronting popular protests. The Mossad head of mission is likely to coordinate the training of Bahraini and Saudi rebel leaders.

3 This journey also had a message to Iran and the axis of resistance. Saudi Arabia has shown that in order to confront the resistance and resistance of the people of the region to the Voice of Qods, it is willing to cooperate with the enemy of Muslim nations to call it the emperor of the Arab world. While each day there is a retreat from plans and missions. Saudi Arabia did not forget, the same policy was implemented by Tel Aviv before the Islamic Revolution in Iran by the Mossad for Pahlavi, but did not make any results.

Unfortunately, Riyadh leaders emphasize their mistakes and Ibn emphasizes their eyebrows in the Muslim world. It is not necessary for al Saud to learn from Pahlavi’s experience in Iran and find that working with the Mossad is the worst option that can be chosen. The Mossad Moment is the one that is the most hostile to Muslims and is not Muslim.


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