Why is the Muslim Personal Law Board losing its credibility in the face of crisis?

For years altogether, Indian Muslims have revered and respected the Muslim Personal Law Board. One shouldn’t position the AIMPLB as a political party at all, rather it a representative organisation that it supposed to bring the concerns of Indian Muslims into light.

However, considering the ongoing and recent chain of events of interference of the government into the way the Shariah Law is regulated and practiced in India, it can be very brutally said that the AIMPLB is definitely loosing ground and credibility not only among government organisations but also in the thought processes of Indian Muslims.

Until very recently, the AIMPLB had been known for its magnanimous membership, its scholar base, its way of providing space to the different sects of Muslims and making sure that all concerns were heard and taken care of. Now, the question arises, is the AIMPLB ready for taking hold of arbitrariness.

With no concrete solutions being drafted by the AIMPLB to handle problems that have arisen due to the misuse of Islamic rulings and conditions like Talaq-E-Bidat/ Triple Talaq, the Indian Muslims find themselves helpless.

The government has now decided to target the agenda of Nikah Halala as well. If the AIMPLB still wades away like a duck in a deep pond, then it is definitely going to deface the organisation again. If Indian Muslims are going to be left helpless like this, do they really need a personal law board?


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