Modi can’t dare to end relations with Palestine to appease Israel..

Jerusalem: Prime Minister Narendra Modi hugs 11-year-old Moshe Holtzberg, one of the survivors of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, in Jerusalem, Israel on Wednesday. Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu is also seen. PTI Photo / PIB (PTI7_5_2017_000160B)

BY: Amresh Mishra

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to India. Israeli PM will come to India on January 15 and will remain in the country till January 18. In such a case, once again the question has begun that what stand should India take in this situation of Israel and Palestine? India had voted against the USA in the United Nations in it’s decision of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. It is worth noting that India made this vote against the US when the US had threatened to rethink about its relationship with countries that would vote against it.Despite that, 128 countries including India voted against the US decision.

Israel and India

India’s first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru had totally boycotted Israel but in 1991, India has recognized Israel as a country. The then Prime Minister of India PV Narsimha Rao not only established relations with Israel, he started trade with it as well.

After that, India was ruled by BJP and Congress alternatively but they adopted the very same policy that was introduced by Narsimha Rao. Though, UPA did try to adopt the old policy of Congress but PM Modi made proximity with Israel. He visited Israel and now PM of Israel is coming to India.

Himachal, Goa, Israel

Often, it is heard that Israel’s intervention in Himachal Pradesh and Goa is constantly increasing. But it is worth noting that Israel’s interference in these states has’t been from today but for a long time. Sometimes, reports emerge that in some areas of these states, boards have been placed with “Indians not allowed” but after a thorough investigation, it was found that no such board exist.India and Indians should not forget that with Israel, India does not have an emotional relationship, the relations between India and Israel are just of a shopkeeper and customer. Since, Israel has to sell its weapons, India is the largest buyer of weapons.

Palestine and India

India has always very good relations with India, but at present India has tried to establish a good relationship with Israel. One of the reasons for this is that India had voted in favor of Palestine just recently which has sent a message to the country’s right wing Hindu fundamentalists that India is supporting a Muslim country.

Since, Modi does not want to anger the Right wingers, he has invited Israel’s Prime Minister to appease Hindu fundamentalists. Often, when Kashmiri separatists forces protest, the RSS advocates that India should adopt Israeli policy in Kashmir.It means that RSS wants that India should oppress Kashmiris as Israel oppress the Palestinians.

India has never recognized Israel for a long time but Narsimha Rao had changed the equation and in Modi’s rule, it has changed it’s policy even more. But still, Modi is not at that stage from where he can think about ending relations with Palestine. One reason behind this is the fact that Modi does not want to give an anti-Muslim name to him and second reason is that India has very good relations with Arabs.

Because of these factors Modi can not end relations with Palestine. Though, he can have relations with both countries to show a kind of neutrality.Albeit inwardly, Modi is close to Israel because of his association with the RSS.

India With Palestine of Israel?

India have to adopt the policy it had adopted in the beginning. It means that it should boycott all the relations with israel because Internationally, Israel has no reputation. Though it is not easy in BJP’s government but other government will definitely think about it and India will be on the old ways once again.