Israel wants to occupy all the Palestinian lands, it is a threat to humanity

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is visiting India. Many activists are protesting against his visit. We have talked with Akhlaq Usmani, who is renowned scholar of International politics.

Question: What can be the reason that the world has started to hate Israel more?
Answer: Israel has oppressed the Palestinians.Israel has started to occupy Palestinian lands since 1947. Israel had occupied 22,000 acres of Palestinia land in just five years. Every day Israel occupies a village in Palestine, and the Palestinians are forced to live in small lands of West Bank and Gaza strip. In today’s world, the world’s largest open prison is Gaza. In the name of human rights, innocent people are targeted. The whole world is standing against this human violence today.
Since the announcement of Donald Trump, Muslims from all over the world have openly supported Palestine. In the UN, 128 countries including India voted against the US decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israeli capital and only 9 have supported the US decision. Today the Muslims of the whole world are supporting Palestine and are willing to do anything for their struggle.

Question: After the UN vote,which country is Israel’s biggest enemy?
Answer: Israel thinks it can achieve anything in the world. After declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Muslims from all over the world have been “united” to support Palestine. After Trump’s announcement the Muslims of the world have forgotten all their differences and stood against Israel and Trump.In the United Nations, the Muslims have proved that they could face both Israel and the United States if they are “united”. This is the only reason that Israel thinks that Muslims are its biggest enemies. Israel wants to break the unity of Muslim world. Israel wants to end Palestine.Palestinians will be persecuted right now, so that they are forced to leave the state by themselves. The Palestinians have been struggling since 1947, and the Palestinians will go to any extent to save their nation. In this sense Israel’s biggest enemy is Palestine at this time.

Question: What is the motive of Israeli PM’s visit?

Answer: India is Israel’s second largest importer of weapons. At the same time, India and Israel’s military equipment business turnover is $ 9 billion and civil goods is $ 4 billion. Israeli PM is coming to India to increase its trade. Netanyahu is coming here to put pressure on India. India has expelled five foreigners including an Israeli due to corruption in FDI in arms and recently India has canceled an order of $ 500 million of Israel’s Spike anti-tank guided missile.
India also voted in favor of Palestine in the United Nations, and in which many countries voted in support of Palestine, Israel wants to put pressure on those countries. Netanyahu is a puppet of arms traders and coming to India like a salesman. Netanyahu has a misunderstanding that the people who are afraid of Islam and Muslims, Israel will become the self-proclaimed leader of all those communities. Netanyahu thinks that he will become the leader of those countries who have a negative thinking about Islam.

Question: Why is Israel the biggest enemy of human rights?
Answer: Many thousands of innocent people are imprisoned by Israel, including minor children. It is also hard to imagine the way Israel has done so much persecution on the Palestinians. Israel has occupied many parts of Palestine and this policy of Israel is still continues. Israel wants to occupy all the lands of Palestine and that is the reason Jerusalem was declared as the capital of Israel.

Question: Iran and Turkey are quite vocal against the injustice of Israel, can Israel play diplomatic moves against these two countries?
Answer: There is a slight difference in the strategy of both the Iran and Turkey.On one side where Turkey follows the policies against Israel that can take violent forms which happened with Hamas. Hamas was born as an activist institution but wandered from his path. It became involved in violent activities. If we look at the policies of Iran, we see that Iran leads a democratic way to expose Israel.
Being a Sunni, if asked to choose either of the two countries, then I think the policy of Iran is better. We can win this war by exposing Israel. Hamas does this by killing two Israeli soldiers and Israel in exchange for it killed 2,000 Palestinians. Israel itself also wants that all Palestinians either go away from here or there is a similar end.