Is ISIS present in Kashmir or is it just a myth?

ISIS is a terrorist group they kill people ruthlessly and this group is famous in world because of their terror and violence.


It is a jihadi group which follows the path of Wahhabism. This group is also known as Daesh. ISIS is a terrorist group they kill people ruthlessly and this group is famous in world because of their terror and violence.

In uprisings some youths in Kashmir were seen holding ISIS flags may be they have seen videos of these groups and these videos may have lead some influence on these youths as these groups call themselves Jihad i’s and people in Kashmir also want permanent resolution for Kashmir.

In Kashmir may be people are not aware about their agenda or the path they are following, because here people want resolution and want to get rid of Indian forces, so maybe they choose ISIS flags to bully forces as these youths have no weapon to fight against forces, this can be a strategy to distract them.

In Kashmir people are fully aware how security forces get irritated so these are some steps which youths follow otherwise ISIS has no role to play in Kashmir nor has Kashmir witnessed any incident regarding ISIS.

IGP Muneer Khan had also said that in protests boys have been seen carrying such flags in downtown but our investigation has found nothing concrete about it so far.

People in Kashmir hold Pakistani flags too but many people are not willing to unite with Pakistan, Most people in Kashmir want an independent Kashmir. That means neither Pakistan nor India.

It’s true people of Kashmir have affection towards Pakistan but that doesn’t make them Pakistani. For e.g. some foreigners hold Indian flag as everyone has seen especially in cricket matches do they become Indian? It’s just their love for India.

Hillary Clinton also admitted that it were we people who funded Al-Qaeda some years ago because we were not interested that Soviet Union shall control south Asia.  “WHAT WE SOW WE WILL HARVEST THE SAME,” she said.

ISIS has committed many crimes such as Manchester blast in Ariana Grande where concert was going on in which 22 people were killed and more than 59 were injured and ISIS claimed its responsibility.

Paris attack in November 2015, 130 people were killed and in March 2016 Brussels attack 32 people got killed. Many such attacks have taken place in Iraq and Syria and in world.

Recent attack by ISIS was reported on Aug 25, 2017. When suicide bomber attacked Shiite Mosque in Afghanistan, in which at least 20 people were killed and many were wounded. They didn’t even spare the worshipers.

Even Syed Ali Shah Geelani Chairman of Hurriyat Confrence, in his statement said Kashmir movement is indigenous.

Even UN study has found some strange facts about ISIS like they “lack basic knowledge about Islam.”

Research shows economic factors and ‘lack of meaning’ in life makes warzone attractive, they mostly are young people who leave their homes so to fight for terrorist groups. These people are mostly illiterates and they lack knowledge and understanding of what in real sense Islam is.

The surprising element is they even don’t know how to pray.

“Most of them saw their religion in terms of justice rather than in terms of piety and spirituality,” said the report, which was based on interviews with 43 people from 12 countries. They join such groups because they are promised of wages, homes and wives.





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