“In our Madarsa, there were Hindu students also”

Madrasa Gulshan E Fatima celebrates independence day.

Although one should never do such thing but nowadays people have fallen to the extent that to gain some personal benefits, they can even go to such an extent where they can defame the schools. Nonetheless, I want to say it directly. This is basically about the madarsas and after reading about the kind of absurd talks about this schooling system.

I have studied in the madarsa till the fifth standard and the madarsa we used to study has a very small number of Hindus also. Those who want to saffronize the green walls of the madarsas, do not even know that the word madarsa means school and it does not mean religious school. All the madarsas I know, have Islamic education but at the same time all necessary subjects are also taught.

In our madarsa, we were taught Hindi, Urdu, Science, Mathematics, English, Arts and Arabic. It is a matter of understanding that the eighth period in our madarsa was of Arabic and the Qur’an and as far as I remember, Quranic education was not given to the Hindus. They had the choice to leave the class.

Those who have never seen inside the walls of madarsas, I should tell them that every madarsa celebrat 15th of August and 26th January with much joy. If we talk about everyday then we had two prayers.. one was “Lab pe aati hai du’a ban ke tamanna meri” and another was “Saare JahaN se achchaa HindostaaN humaara” … We all know what these two prayers mean. If the hate-mongers pass in front of the madarsa in the morning , they can easily listen to the charmingly loud voice of the young children with saying “Mazhab nahin sikhaata aapas mein bair rakhna” .But these people are not of their religion itself, they may call themselves Hindu, or Muslim, or Christian, or Sikh … if they hate anything about anybody else, then they are of no religion,.. and I have heard from some people that in RSS schools, they so Vandana.. … However, why should I even consider them as a school … in which a child is taught to hate to other humans. No, i can’t call them a school.

Now, some people think that the Madarsa children fail in the fast life of the world, it is absolutely unfair because i have been to Madarsa and many of my friends from there have got good jobs or they’re doing some good business. Obviously, Like government schools, Madarsas also demand reforms. In the changing times, a conspiracy of hate against Madarsa is doing round. Those who are sitting in the responsible post should give responsible statements.


Arghwan Rabbhi