Google Maps Removes Palestine From World Map, Is This The Start To A Palestine-Free World?

The world wide web famous  “Google” has been slammed because of its recent action where it has removed the location of Palestine from Google Maps App. Could it get any worse? From bombing of schools, colonies and hospitals being a daily affair and the world turning a blind eye to the existence of Palestinians, now even the infamous Internet giant Google has committed this audacious act of eliminating the location of Palestine itself.
What more could it spell than doomsday for the land that has forgotten the very meaning of peace and harmony?
”Free palestine, the land of the jews”, ”The arabs will have to go”‘, “This is the promised land”. While hearing all these slogans and shouts for protests one must be simply understanding the matter of The Palestinian ans Israeli conflict as land demarcation conflict, or conflict between different mindsets, or maybe sometimes even a matter of geopolitical gains. But i’d rather compare this matter to something as simple as a chocolate filled candy that appears to be hard on the outside but on the inside it is as soft and gooey as it can get.
Similarly, the conflict of what appears to us is all bullets and blood dripping, people, innocent people being beheaded in the name of the struggle to achieve the status of someone who is beloved to God, God who never wishes to create rift between 2 of his creations.But on the inside, the soft part here is the silent cries, those battered hearts, shaken souls who have been torn apart from their homes their families their culture ;chimes of which still echo in their hearts.
Now, the part of the world that is undergoing this “conflict” is broadly the area along the coastal lines of Israel, Gaza and Syria. This coastal belt that lies in the middle east has faced a long history of pacts being made and broken, promises of better living conditions knotted and unknotted within short whiles. The episode stirrs back in time when the Balfour Declaration (1917)  a letter from United Kingdom’s then Foreign Secratory A.J Balfour , to Walter Rothschild, President of the British Jewish Community, committing solidarity and confirming support with the community and assuring them the now area of “conflict” as the national home for the jews.
This declaration was accepted by the League of Nations on July 24, 1922 and embodied in the mandate that gave Great Britain temporary administrative control of Palestine. The Balfour Declaration in its entirety laid ground for Jewish-Arab enmity that is now, a major threat to the world peace. Issued on November 2, 1917 by Great Britain, the Declaration gave international recognition to the Zionist movement and promised them a Jewish state in the land of Palestine. The Jews in Palestine were around ten percent of its entire population before the Balfour Declaration. It resulted in an exodus-like migration of Jews from all parts of the world and gradually channelled the formation of the State of Israel.
Now what we should try to understand about the formation of the Israel state and the migration of the Jews is, that why would they firstly demand a separate state or homeland ?
After we carelessly curse the Jews , why don’t we for a moment not as Christians, Hindus , Muslims , Buddhists , but as humans think of the hideous atrocities that have been cast upon the  Jews since time began. I don’t think now the Jews would seem self oriented anymore!
Very often by the historians the Balfour Declaration is viewed as nothing but a gimmick to lure the Jews to side with the British.
Historians might have been able to decode the British motive but however what they have great overlooked is that if the human tongue itself is deprived of keeping its promises and the human heart bereaved of truthfulness, how in the world can we ever achieve universal brotherhood!
Man, the most advanced of all primitive species that walk the earth has made rigorous efforts to simplify his life with inventions and never ending discoveries. But what is the purpose of these remarkable discoveries when man cannot keep his own word, put his promise to practice?
Hence , begins a vicious cycle of vengeance. As Gandhi has rightly quoted “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind “
This circle of revenge leaves no possible room for peace.
If you inject torture into the blood of a  community, the torture for a fact becomes a part of their very dna.
Like we don’t succumb to diseases, they haven’t succumbed to torture. It has just made them more adaptable and instinctive of what might happen to them next.