Where are the “friends” of the Muslims? Why are Congress, BSP & SP silent in the wake of extreme violence against Muslims?

At this point in time, where history is being etched everyday, we stand in an India which couldn’t be divided any further. From calling our country the most secular, diverse and inclusive country, India has become known for violence against women, children and minorities.

2017 was a milestone in Indian Political History, no India did not accomplish something remarkable, rather it garnered abomination throughout the world in concern with the rising number of hate crimes that took place in different parts of the country against Muslims.

From Najeeb Jung, Pehlu Khan, Hafiz Junaid Khan, Anwar Hussain, Hafizul Sheikh to Mohammed Afrazul and very recently little Asifa and Sibtullah Rashidi, have bore the brunt of rage burning with Saffron.

Following the same line, on May 2, some AMU students met the same fate. Atleast 15-20 Right Wing activists marched into the Campus of Aligarh Muslim University in a bid to attack Ex Vice President, Shri Hamid Ansari, who was on his visit to the University and to pull down the portrait of Pakistan founder and freedom fighter Muhammad Ali Jinnah, which was placed in the office of AMU Students Union. The Right Wing Activists as usual, resorted to violence over a frivolous motive which is said to have been instigated by Aligarh MP, Satish Gautam. Students were badly injured, the Rapid Action Force released tear gas bombs creating a very serious and harmful environment in the campus.

Now the question is far beyond the degree of violence perpetrated against Indian Muslims. The question is, where are the “friends” of Muslims?

Bahujan Samaj Party chief and four-time Chief Minister Mayawati has on many occasions, promised reservation to the economically weak among the forward castes, and minority groups including Muslims, where is Mayawati now that Muslims need her? Or are Muslims only treated as a vote bank?

Since March, it has been noted that many Indian states saw violence during the Hindu festival of Ram Navmi. Muslim localities in different parts of Bihar and West Bengal states  have been attacked, burned and looted. There have been absolutely no investigations about these attacks, genocidal in nature; there is no apparent reason as to why the Indian Govt. becomes absolutely blind to the deep wounds of the Muslim community.

It has come to the notice of many that western Uttar Pradesh has shown a heavy leaning towards their choice Akhilesh Yadav however, even Yadav seems meek and missing when another arrow pierces the Muslim community.

Lastly, Congress has always been very vocal in its stand for Muslims. Congress has alsways depended heavily on the Muslim Votebank to save seats in the Parliament, however what is to comprehend here is the fact that Congress is the choice of Muslims not because of their policies, but because they fare way better than the BJP, a party which has made Muslims feel insecure in their own country.

Rahul Gandhi, has always shunned the BJP for its divisive politics, however he himself has also been silent many times when Muslims have been tortured by Hindutva Terrorists. So, do these parties even treat Muslims as humans or are Muslims just another vote in their kitty?




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