Don’t You Remember? The 6th of December?


“Rebuild Babri Masjid”,”Ayodhya humara hai,Babri ko mitaana hai!”,”Ab Dalito ki Kamzori hai, Babri Masjid zaroori hai!”

These slogans echo of communism, hatred, hostility, resistance and vindication.

On 6th December 1992, a community lost something. A Rath Yatra choked patriotism out of many hearts and souls. People lost their hope in the secular state of the Indian Republic.

Without any substantial recognition, it was believed that at 3 am on 22 December 1949, a flash of lightning was seen and Ram, the Hindu God appeared at the Babri Masjid. This supposedly divine occurrence was the first turning point in the “centuries long” struggle of the Hindus to “liberate Ram Janmbhoomi”

On 22-23 December 1949, idols of Ram Lalla were mysteriously placed inside the Babri Masjid. After two days a civil suit forced devotees out and ordered for the status quo to be maintained. The mosque would stay, as would the idols, to be tended to by a designated priest who had access through a side entrance at the disputed site.

And till 36-years existed the status quo. There are three prime suspects of breaking the status quo – a district court Judge, the Rajiv Gandhi government, and a monkey with divine sanction.

Masjid par parindaa bhi par nahin maar sakega” (“I won’t let even a bird enter the Masjid”), said Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav, even as a determined LK Advani ploughed along on his Rath to reach Ayodhya.

On 25 September 1990, Advani prayed to Somnath and kicked off the Rath Yatra. Not only did this yatra set in motion the wheels for the ultimate desecration at Babri Masjid two years later, it also defined the country’s politics.

Interestingly according to Hindu belief, Ram Janmabhoomi, in the city of Ayodhya, is the birthplace of the God-king Rama. It is therefore considered one of the holiest religious sites in the Hindu religion.

However in 1528, following the Mughal invasion of North India, a mosque was built at the site by the Mughal general Mir Baqi, who came to be named after emperor Babur. According to fables and tales which lack credibility and authenticity in their very nature, Mir Baqi destroyed a pre-existing temple of Rama at the site.

For at least four centuries, the site was used for religious purposes by both Hindus and Muslims. In 1859, soon after the first recorded incidents of religious violence at the site, the British colonial administration set up a railing to separate the outer courtyard of the mosque to avoid disputes. A the status quo remained in place until 1949, when idols of Rama were surreptitiously placed inside the mosque, allegedly by volunteers of the Hindu Mahasabha. This led to an uproar, with both parties filing civil suits laying claim to the land. The placing of the idol was seen as a desecration by the users of the Masjid. The site was declared to be in dispute, and the gates to the Masjid were locked.

On 6th December, 1992 the RSS and its affiliates organised a rally involving 150,000 VHP and BJP kar sevaks at the site of the mosque. The ceremonies included speeches by BJP leaders such as Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi and Uma Bharti.During the first few hours of the rally, the crowd grew gradually more restless, and began raising militant slogans. A police cordon had been placed around the mosque in preparation for attack. However, around noon, a young man managed to slip past the cordon and climb the mosque itself, brandishing a saffron flag. This was seen as a signal by the mob, who then stormed the structure. The police cordon, vastly outnumbered and unprepared for the size of the attack, fled. The mob set upon the building with axes, hammers, and grappling hooks, and within a few hours, the entire mosque was leveled. Hindus also destroyed numerous other mosques within the town.

Remarkable line of thought on the part of certain pressure groups, who still believe in the fact that to attain respect for one’s own religion, you must and must demolish a place of worship of the other religion!

So, imagine if you live in a house, that in 1857 belonged to a British Family of Sir George Lloyd and his great great great grandson’s wife’s daughter’s cousin comes shooting pistols at you for emptying the house at once, how would you feel?

This is what the Hindu Mahasabha did to Muslims.


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