Don’t propagate Triple Talaq to defame the image of Islam


The Judgement of Honorable Supreme Court on Triple Talaq is well regarded but the way media is highlighting the issue seems to have initiate direct war against the principles of Islam and Muslims.

History is the darkest page for analyzing the position of a woman. It is full of crime, obedience, Slavery, exploitation and indiscrimination against her. In Latin America and Rome women were considered as a manifestation of devil (Satan) and could only be used for sexual satisfaction and domestic tasks. People in such societies; laugh, molest, tease and abuse a women while passing on a road or coming outside from the home.

Data revealed by an international organization in 1991 about the condition of women in U.S.A, come up with a conclusion that the divorce rate in the USA is world’s highest. On the other hand, the china on those days considered the birth of a daughter just like a death of a young individual. Chinese firmly believe that Allah belongs to male gender while devil (satin) belongs to a female gender.

Arab world left no stone unturned to tarnish the image of the women; considered women not more than domestic animal. In Arab market women were selling like a toy and in a low price. The experts and Historians have declared the history a dark page and a crime house against women.Islam came and reject all prevailing notions worldwide against women and stated that women have equal rights as par as men.

Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) said, “Birth of daughter is the biggest blessing of Almighty Allah.” It reflected the laws embracing global message in favor of women; no distinction on the basis of caste, color, creed, sex, royal, poor, and so on in Islam.

“O mankind, indeed we have created you from male and female and mated you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteousness of you. Indeed Allah knows and is well acquainted. “ (Surah Hujrat: 13)

The present position of a women in India.

Women are the reflection of Society and a Nation. She is the architect of our future generation and is an important component of social management. It is she who gives birth to all the prophets, scientists, engineers, Political thinkers, leaders, philosophers and other great personalities but the graph of crime is rising at an alarming level against her.

The slogan of international conferences, summits, voluntary organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is directly related to issues of injustice with women as the central theme to act. In spite all these efforts, the atrocities like dowry deaths, sexual harassment, female feticide, molestation, rape, women trafficking, domestic violence etc are coming into surface increasingly from each and every corner of India, to assess the real picture of female gender.

The shocking statistics of sex-ratio in the state of Jammu and Kashmir: 883 per 1000 boys is below the national average of 914 per 1000 boys and out of world’s one billion illiterates, 2/3 is women. A study has revealed that 57% of boys were breast fed as compared to 30% of girls.

The stereotype mindset of people that boys are assets, while girls are considered as an additional burden on the parents as they have to spend massive money on their marriage and dowry. Women as individual and as a group are among the most discriminated sections of world population.

Societies across the globe have shown preferences for boy child and have gone to the extent of killing girl child in the womb itself. A woman does 3/5th of world’s work but earns only 1/10th of world’s income and owns only 1/10th of world’s assets. The religion , polity and society are so organized historically as to make her position vulnerable in the society.

Women being treated as the second sex in material terms and is quite often denied political, economic and cultural rights. Changing conditions of women and their status constituted the core of the social reform movements in the early decade of nineteenth century, however, by the early decade of the twentieth century this core is enlarged by bringing two issues: equality of women in modern political, social and cultural realm and women’s role in the development process, into its ambit.

Islam has provided women more rights than men but it is unfortunate that till date women have never enjoyed their lives under the shade of security and has been always discriminated.

The women at contemporary still live in the world full of darkness and chaos. It is unfortunate that the government in power is unnecessarily interfering in the religious affairs without taking into account the aspirations of the said community. The real issues are dumped and non real issues are highlighted and debated in the all the electronic channels.

By:Syed Karar Hashmi Credit- Voice of wadi