Decoding the motive of Communal Riots, Lynchings targeting Minorities

To decipher and decode the motive behind communal Riots, Lynchings targeting Minorities, one has to understand the politics of rural economy.

Rural Economy is much more than just low, middle and high class. In ancient times, it was thoroughly thought and planned out that each village would have a number of service providers. These included, barbers, launderers, tailors, weavers, carpenter, blacksmith, cobbler, etc.

The services were available to the feudalistic people and the employment of these people For this reason the settlement of these communities or communities has been dispersed. That is, the communities like Rajput, Jat, Yadav, Pathan, Syed have not been reduced to any one area. In this way, the majority of the population in the village has been the landowner, cultivator and cultivating caste species whereas in every village of the professional community there are ten to five houses only. Relationship between these professional fraternities is the same as that of farming communities, i.e. only businessmen and merchants. Due to increasing urbanization and decreasing agricultural income, the villages are gripped by economic crisis.

With this, the weak sections of the village are moving to cities for hard work. This not only reduces the number of them in the village, but in the social system of the city, they are more weak than the earlier ones. In such a case, if a strong section of the village is against them, the protection of life and goods is not easy. The union and its hate elements are taking advantage of this situation. He is explaining to the majority of the village that if the remaining Muslims of the village are banished, then their house, land, shop and animal cow can be bought for free or for free.

The same Chintoo comes to the city and explains that coming from the village, these Muslims are sharing the share of their share in the resources and earnings. If they are given away, then they will have their business, property and resources. The reason for believing on these things of the majority is also the reason. Due to the growing population, agricultural land is constantly falling and jobs are not there. But demand for work related to professional fraternity is everywhere. Not only in cities and villages, but these people also work in foreign countries. Their growing prosperity makes people in the eye. Those who consider themselves big on a caste basis are lagging behind on an economic basis.

Instead of looking for their own weaknesses, the economic development of the weaker sections has been taking the cause of their backwardness and hate chintu is giving this anger to the wind. The target is becoming those who have been serving peacefully for years. They also work for free and take laughter and abuse. But the economic progress of the sections is knocking the majority class. Interestingly, this hatred involves not only the upper castes but also the Hindu professional dalits and backward communities.

The upper class understands that by strengthening the village carpenter, the Jules will dominate him, the Dalit is feeling the work he can get, he is not leaving the Muslims. The correct answer is that the Muslim youth and foreigners returning from abroad complete the pretentious lifestyle of their families. This is where riots, lynching and minority politics begin. Here the professional people are fighting people who live in fear of fights and weapons, especially because of their never being asserted of their martial race. It’s easy to kill and crush them. Above all, too many people in the village are also willing to beat them and tear their family apart.


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